Nuovo libro di Rossella Canevari - La Bambina del Freddo



Writer, Journalist, Tech Enthusiast NaturalBorn Storyteller, Content Creator, Flamboyant, (tech and life) Enthusiast.

Rossella Canevari: Scrittrice, Giornalista, Tech Enthusiast, Livestreaming
Rossella Canevari: Scrittrice, Giornalista, Tech Enthusiast, Livestreaming

If you are looking for a traditional biography skip these lines, find it directly below. If you want to know something true about me, (not in chronological order) continue reading here:

  • Start using Periscope in 2015 was one of the most exciting things in my life: I realized what it means to communicate and share directly with the world!
  • I deeply love social media and technology, to whom I owe a lot. I would never have published the first book, nor would I have organized the international events I’ve organized with few economic resources.
  • The best memory of my life? When I saw my first bestseller Voglio un mondo Shokking exposed in all the windows of Mondadori and Feltrinelli’s bookshops  in Italy. It was 2007.
  • The biography that I have not writtten on my social media yet (but I intend to write it every day): If you follow me, please interact, share. Or I’ll block you: You have to go to spy elsewhere.
  • No Panic, my third novel is partly autobiographical.
  • In January 2016, when I was one of the speakers at the Periscope Summit’s  in San Francisco, the night before my Scope Talk (with the number one Periscoper of the US Amanda Oleander) I did not sleep even ten minutes because of the fear and the excitement. I was the only Italian speaker.My favorite dish? Yes, Pizza (Margherita but with the buffalo Mozzarella).I do not drink any spirits,I drink only white wine and I love bubbles.

    My worst fault? When I arrive at the climax, when the success is very close, I usually let it go…like if the situation loses his attractive part (but now I decided to stop).



Born in Milan, is an Italian writer, journalist, Tech Enthusiast. Through the Association EATART organized several international events related to art and food. In Aprile 2016 founded Livestreaming Italia.

  • 2016 on October Livetreaming Italia on FB lanuched a new tv programm
  • 2016: on June Her fouth nove Life Refound, is available on Amazon (paper and ebook) with the Title Ogni Giorno Come Fosse l’Ultimo
  • 2016: from May to September she collaborated as a Top Influencer for the Multinational Plantronics Italia.
  • 2016: on march,  Livestreaming Italia, a network of Italian Livestreamer, was born.
  • 2016 on January she was a speaker at the Periscope Summit in San Francisco
  • 2015: On 21stDecember she Self-published the e-book of her fourth novel: Life refound\Ogni giorno come fosse l’ultimo.
  • 2015: From May to October Imaf Chefs Cup (The International competition between Michelin Starred chefs that create recipes inspired by art) became #ICC15EXPO, International Chef Cup-Expo Edition, a 10 stages events, which took place at La Terrazza di via Palestro in Milan.
  • 2014: Second edition of Imaf Chefs Cup, took place in 8 Italian cities (Milan, Rome, Venice, Torino, Perugia, Florence, Parma, Naples) and the Gran finale was in NYC.
  • 2013 IMAF CHEFS ‘CUP (International competition between Michelin Starred chefs that create recipes inspired by the art), was born.
  • 2012 Sport Your Food an International showcase of contemporary and culinary art of Olympic proportions. HERE: 
  • 2011 The contemporary art exhibition Mangia L’arte, organized by Eatart, took place in Milan, London and NY HERE: 
  • 2010 Eatart, an Italian Non Profit Association, which takes care of organizing international events related to contemporary art and food, was Born. Here
  • 2010 Newton Compton publishes 101 negozi per lo shopping a Milan, by Rossella Canevari and Carlotta Pistone.
  • 2009 she works as a lead author for the tv show: Qualitalia DOP on Rai 2, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry.
  • 2009 Newton Compton Publishes No Panic, also translated in the Czech Republic.
  • 2008 Newton Compton Publishes Un Amore Rosashokking, the sequel to the best seller Voglio un Mondo Rosashokking
  • 2007 Born the webzine MRS,Mondo Rosa Shokking
  • 2007 – 2009 Newton Compton publishes, the bestseller Voglio un Mondo RosaShokking that sold 20.000 copies in two weeks
  • 2007 The online magazine for women Mondo Rosa Shokking was born. HERE 
  • 2007 worked as a screenwriter in Magnolia, for the sitcom Radio Sex
  • 2006 she works as a tv writer for Melaverde, a food Tv shoe on Rete 4
  • 2005- 2000 worked as a TV author for the satellite networks of Mediaset and All Music.