C’è Posto per 30? or how I ended up being a judge in a reality show …


Now it’s official, I’m one of the 30 judges of C’è Posto per 30?, a reality show led by Max Giusti that will be broadcast on Channel 9 from October 7th each sunday. 30 judges? Really 30? You all 30, will eat and judge? Yes sure, 30 judges divided into 8 tables. In each episode we judge two restaurants, we vote and decree a winner.

con Max Giusti
con Max Giusti

I am, the only woman among three men, in the Table of the Experts. Demanding by nature, explains Max Giusti in the network promo.

In fact, the experts in each episode analyze with knowledge of the cause the recipe, each ingredient, the origin of raw materials, the flavor or less of a dish, the elegance of the mise en place, the presentation of the dish … and, I am sure you know what I mean .

Are we therefore insiders? Not really, perhaps not in the classic sense of reality shows related to the food topic that abound today, on TV. None of us 4 and in general of the 30 judges of the program is in fact a cook or aspires to be so. We are more or less normal (yes I know, the discourse of normality is always contradictory…Lol). that for a period of 3 months we have been loaned to Tv.

As for me then, those who know me know that I love eating (well) but not cooking, so I have many friends who can do it well or very well, professionally, all over the world. If at this point you are wondering how I ended up here, in this table of demanding personalities and more generally in this broadcast, I will explain to you immediately.

Ogni Giorno Come Fosse l'Ultimo
Life Refound

My passion is writing books (and articles), but what has given me money to live in the past, was the activity of television writer, linked in particular, to gastronomy. For years I have toured Italy of small and large producers of cheese, fruit and wine to tell them on television.

Qualitalia DOP
Qualitalia DOP

I toured the 20 regions of Italy in search of products certified from the European Community and excellent raw materials. First as tv author with a tv show called Melaverde (on Rete 4) and then as chief author with Qualitalia DOP (on Rai 2).At this point, that is around 2010, with a good Food knowledge, with a strong love for good food, for the biodiversity of the Italian territory I decided to create something different through food, to talk to people.

Thus in 2011 EATART was born with its events related to food and art. Then in 2013 the International Chef Cup was born, a competition between starred chefs that in pairs created recipes inspired by art and cinema. The year of the Milan Expo (2015) the couples of chefs in competition were international, below you can see for example the Italian-French couple, chef Julian Machet and Cerveni.

After Expo I stopped making the Chef Cup, but the world of Food, remained attached to me and continued to accompany me, until today. I still write for television, reality shows like Top Chef Italy, but not only.

Since a year now I started working as a social media manager for restaurants, a role related to the technology that I really love. Last summer there was a point, while I was in Ibiza working for the Restaurant Can Domingo, that started the “C’è Posto per 30” adventure. I thought that the redaction called me to stay behind the cameras but this time, it was different.

So here I am, at the Experts table. Do not be surprised if I will be severe, if my votes, the votes of my table, will hardly be high. The fact is, likeMax Giusti says, that we are experts, demanding for Nature. And then in the end, yes, the television is a show that follows a script written by an author (who better than me, knows it ??!)!

So have fun with me and us 30! See you at the table! and as usaul, BUON APPETITO!



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