Personality of a Livestreamer

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Imagine an application that allows you, by pressing a button on your mobile, to broadcast worldwide to show what you are seeing.

Yes true, as once was the tv broadcasting major events worldwide, today you can do the same by showing what you are cooking or taking up the embankment of a river that is about to overflow in front of your eyes:

Welcome to the Live Streaming world!

Live Streaming: FB live vs Periscope
Live Streaming: FB live vs Periscope

The Live streaming, literally a stream of audio \ video data transmitted from a source to one or more destinations directly, came into our lives through Periscope, in 2015. Created by Keyvon Bekpour, class 1988, in 2014, Periscope,  it was promptly sold to Twitter  before Meerkat conquered the market.

In 2016 it has arrived FB Live, which compared to Persicope, has a delay in latency but the video quality is undoubtedly superior.(For full details, the critical, the positives and also the cafonals of the Live Streaming watch the video I made on Youtube here).

In Italy, unlike the United States or other countries of the European Community, the live video struggle to succeed, rather than to the other new video applications like Snapchat, the little  yellow ghost’s the company.

Why? Understandably, the direct requires:

  • content
  • a stage presence
  • capacity for improvisation
  • interaction with the audience

In short, despite the simplicity of the presentation: The world through someone else’s eye, it is certainly not an application for all. It certainly is easier to manage a growing number of video, not live, with a very limited period of time and possibly using filters that embellish and gild the pill (Vd Snapchat).


to prevent the spread of this medium in Italy, it is not only the lack of content, it is also a problem of:

  • lack of public WiFi networks
  • a community where trolls and haters are difficult to manage
  • data are too expensive for young users
Go live everywhere
Go live everywhere

Live streaming requires commitment and energy expenditure. It requires interaction with who is watching without which it makes no sense to use this medium compared to a non-live video.

For those who like to share their world and for the people who have the ambition to become famous, because if you already are famous, live streaming is more of a hassle, this is the right medium!

Identikit of the livestreamer

Here is my personal analysis of the live streamer carachter:

  • it has a strong propensity to communication
  • a dose of narcissism
  • is passionate: he\she must involve the public
  • it is able to create real content
  • seeks the fame (that has not)
  • live a life that wants to share

If you find yourself in this description, live streaming is for you.


Here are my tips for being a live streamer success:

  • Study a strategy, think about the theme that you want to treat
  • Be yourself, the naturalness rewards
  • Share content, enrich your community without being obnoxious
  • Be really part of the community, watch other lives, share it, make comments, invite followers
  • Promote all your social media but smartly: those that repeat every five minutes, please, add me, follow, invite your followers are unbearable!

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