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What characteristics must have the recipe dedicated to the blog (and it goes without saying, to those who populate them, the Blogger)? It must be different, contaminated with unique tastes, original. He must be able to impersonate the spirit of the medium which is now fully part in the information world, independent and not, in the whole world. This is the premise from which Giulia Liú and the staff of GONG restaurant in Milan, started!

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Giulia Lu Rossella Canevari da Gong
Giulia Lu Rossella Canevari da Gong

Gulia Liu, chinese of second-generation, is the amazing Lady of the Gong Restaurant. Sister of Marco, owner of Ba Asian Mood and of Claudio of Iyo, Giulia moves inside the place with professionalism. The inspiration of the kitchen is certainly Asian but the crew of Gong, reinterprets traditional Chinese dishes in a modern and always elegant way,  through contamination and influences of differents tastes. .

in diretta in cucina da Gong

Are you curious to know what the recipe dedicated to the Blog, by Giulia and the staff of Gong?


Besides Chinese Gnocchi  (available in any store of Chine Town) here are the ingredients of the recipe:

  • scallops
  • Mixed chinese mushrooms
  • purple potatoes
  • blue pepper leaves
  • Porcini mushrooms
Ingredienti della ricetta ideata per i Blog
Ingredienti della ricetta ideata per i Blog

This is the “Bloggers identikit” who were inspired by Gong to create the recipe:

  • Bloggers are independent (often disobedient to the rules)
  • whimsical, they have a strong personality
  • countercurrent, irreverent
  • they are attentive to the economic side: even freedom has a cost!

Here you find the live on periscope:

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