To see Milan from a height of one hundred and sixty meters is something that does not leave you indifferent.

Leggi in Italiano 

The “Lombardy” Palace, the seat of the Region, signed by an association of companies led by New York’s Pei Cobb Freed & partners architects, is just the sixth tallest building in the city.

The primacy so far, was of the Unicredit Tower, in Gae Aulenti square, with its 231 meters.

The second place was of Allianz Tower, designed by Isozaki, part of the new and futuristic City Life complex.


Isozaki’s tower is 209.2 meters tall, but with the antenna, reachs a total of 249 meters, passing decisively in the first place.

Apart from “the Tallest building” Top Ten, the Belvedere room on the 31st floor of the Palace of the Region, thanks to its rectangular shape and to the glasses that surround the entire room circumference, it offers a breathtaking view.

Here you can find the replay of the live streaming I did on Periscope for the last episode of Unknown Milano, on Livestreaming Italia. Please enjoy and if you liked the video, share it, Thanks!!

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