There is little to say: it is certainly the least known Walk of Fame on the planet! For unknown Milan, this week is a news that make little honor to the city and its history.



Walk of Fame, Milano
Walk of Fame, Milano

There are not few celebrities who have lent themselves to leaving a handprint on the Milan floor. Francis Ford Coppola and Sophia, actors such as Kirk and Michael Douglas, Sharon Stone, Patrick Swayze and even one of the great 007: Roger Moore. Among the Italians, Sandra and Raimondo Vianello, I Pooh, Pippo Baudo and many more.

Strada delle Celebrità a Milano
Strada delle Celebrità a Milano

The idea of creating a Milanese Walk of Fame was certainly a win. It is a shame that the initiative has become a kind of oblivion that today sees the license plates abandoned to themselves. Homeless people usually rest on it and in less than half an hour, I’ve seen more than one person turn off cigarettes over the Walk of Fame! Not to mention the Bar that quietly, pust the tables over a whole row of celebrities!


Strada delle Celebrità a Milano

The hope is that the municipality, which certainly has a lot to do with the protection and recovery of important artistic and historical assets for the city, maybe one day decides to restore this street of forgotten celebrities. Perhaps, I think, it’s a good idea to transport it to a different place, perhaps to a city area that needs a tourist boost. And, more important, I’d love to see that the municipality begins to add the handprints of writers, directors, artists and personalities who make this city and country great.

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