I decided to make a 360 live, in the beautiful Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio, one of the oldest and fascinating churches in Milan. Turn again to the aisles of the church, it was a throwback. Sant’Ambrogio is the church where I received Communion, a short walk from the elementary school I attended. Although my spirituality today is closer to Buddhist philosophy, I love and have always loved the quiet of the churches that are places of art, culture and spirituality. Sant’Ambrogio then it is a fundamental point of the Milanese history and of the church in general. After the Duomo, it is certainly the most important church in the city.

Example of Lombard Romanesque architecture, the basilica was built in the fourth century AD thanks to Bishop Ambrose. the choice of the place, the time away from the city, was due to a specific reason: where now stands the church, were buried the martyrs of the Roman persecutions.

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Here you find the replay of the 360 Live on Periscope: 


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